Shine - Carpet Cleaning Services

Homeowners who decided to clean their carpets on their own might have experienced a brown spot just after cleaning their carpets. This is normally caused by carpet wicking. Carpet wicking is a result of a carpet stain embedded on the carpet fibers. When the fibers of your carpet get moist, the stain becomes evident on the surface. An experienced carpet cleaning professional would know what it takes to appropriately address carpet wicking and browning. It is usually carried out with spot treatment and allows the carpet to dry quickly. Having your carpets cleaned regularly is also crucial to ensure a carpet that is free from browning and wicking.

The carpets that we place in our homes are created to withstand excessive amounts of vacuuming. However, there are vacuums that are very aggressive towards certain types of carpets. Finding the appropriate vacuum to use for cleaning out your carpets could be a very difficult task. There are vacuums that are not capable of extracting the dirt embedded in the deep fibers of your carpet and multiple options to choose form. If you skip professional carpet cleaning services and decide to DIY instead, you could possibly run the risk of shrinking your carpet. This will cause it to look unattractive and be the reason why your carpet gets ruined.

Carpet Shrinking is caused by too much heat or too much water during cleaning. Improper cleaning methods will damage your carpet’s natural fibers. Prevent this by ensuring that a carpet cleaner understands what your rug needs and avoid using damaging methods that could harm your carpet.

Did you just clean your carpet recently only to find out that it is dirty again? Using an inappropriate cleaning product for your carpet, or even using a carpet cleaner in excess, could lead to your carpet’s fast re-soiling. This could be avoided when you hire knowledgeable and experienced carpet cleaners who know exactly what products to use for your carpets and the amount of cleaning products to use for your carpet.

This is one of the most difficult things you will be faced with when cleaning your newly purchased carpets. New carpets are subject to the normal shedding process, where small balls of carpet fiber liter the floor or get inside your vacuum cleaner. Gently vacuuming your carpets should stop the appearance of the small fluff balls forming on your carpet.

Normally, the area with the highest traffic would result in difficult and ragged carpet seams. Once carpet seams start to manifest, it could be shortly followed by carpet fraying. Gluing down the frayed edges of your carpet would prevent it from ripping apart. This fix is only temporary, and you should contact an expert carpet repair service to prevent further damage to your carpets.

There are many types of carpet fibers, meaning each type of fiber is more susceptible to their dyes, especially when they begin to fade from direct exposure to sunlight. The dyes of your carpets are also sensitive to chemicals and substances, which might be the reason why it becomes discolored. Carpet re-dyeing should never be done on your own because it could lead to a badly damaged carpet. Be sure to leave it to a professional carpet cleaner who is knowledgeable about the carpet re-dyeing process.

Just as important as the carpet cleaning methods used when cleaning carpets, the commercial carpet cleaners that you rely on to clean your carpet is also important. Carpet cleaning technicians should be fully trained to identify stains in your carpet as well as the proper methods to treat and remove the carpet stains.
The bottom line is that it is best to choose an experienced carpet cleaner for your carpet cleaning problems. The best carpet cleaning methods paired with an experienced carpet cleaner is the key to having a well-protected carpet that is cleaner than what you have actually envisioned.