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There are forces in the world that are out to steal your most loved possessions from you, or better yet, damage them and leave the trauma to occur for ages. One moment your home looks picture-perfect, with the strategically placed furniture, lighting, and the most important part of the room, the plush rug!

The next moment, a child spits out chewing gum or a guest accidentally spills red wine over the carpet of your dreams. What a nightmare. Take inspiration from your favorite Tv show’s, snap on your yellow cleaning gloves, take hold of your cleaners, and march to battle the worst carpet enemies.

Below, we will share with you a few enemies that damage carpets and supply you with some tips on how to clean them.

1. Bleach- After the sign that says: WARNING, it is probably the most useful yet, most dangerous cleaning agent in households. Yes, it comes as no surprise that bleach stains are the worst to wash off because interestingly enough, even though they are used to remove stains, they can also leave behind unwanted spills that will stay for life. Unlike other stains, bleach does not leave gooey or sticky remains that need cleaning. It actually cuts down the original dye of the fiber, making it look discoloured. The best way to fix a bleach spillage is to dab a cloth on the stains as soon as possible, to soak out as much bleach as you can. Then, blot a mixture of baking soda and water onto it. This does not guarantee the best results but might reduce the damage.
2. Red Wine- Red wine is the most popular way to leave behind, unwanted, memories from a memorable party. There is nothing like tinkling glasses filled with a dark drink to fire up a party, and on the other hand, there surely isn’t anything like a wine stain on your carpet the day after the party either. The best way to deal with it is to dab a clean cloth onto it and pour generous amounts of club soda on top. Scrub it gently with a soft brush to work away the stain. If that does not work, two parts hydrogen peroxide and one-part dishwashing liquid can also be put to the test. If it still stays, your next steps should be to consult professional cleaners.
3. Pet Stains- Even though pets are like family, we can still not forget the fact that they are animals who take a while to understand our crazy gesturing and blabbering to realize they have to do their business outside instead. While it is hard to train pets, it is even harder to remove pet stains. Avoid using any heating products on the stain, as it will only make it more permanent. Try dampening it and putting an enzymatic cleaner onto the stain. Let it sit for a long time before blotting out the remains with a cloth or paper towels. It is challenging to clean pet stains but even more challenging to get rid of the odor. If you are looking for the best results, you should consider consulting experts in the business.
4. Blood- A knife cut or a shard of glass piercing through the skin is a common accident that occurs at homes. The gash may not hurt as much as the stains on your favorite rug, or carpet. The best strategy to minimize damage is to mix one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with cold water and dab the stain with it. Keep soaking out the stain with a dry towel and repeating this process until the marks are gone. Again, if this does not work, hydrogen peroxide can be used instead for better results.